We Cannot Weaken Our Security – Especially Now

Posted on Apr 19, 2013

Our country is battling terrorism as we send this, yet Administrator Pistole is still planning to weaken our aviation security by allowing knives in our aircraft cabins.

Read this:

Coalition Of Flight Attendant Unions Calls On Homeland Security Napolitano To Halt Weakening Of Aviation Security As The Country Battles Terrorist Activity


You Can Make a Big Difference

You can make a difference by calling Congress.

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When you call your Senators and Representatives state:

“My name is _______ and I’m a Flight Attendant and constituent. I oppose the TSA plan to allow knives in the aircraft cabin. Please support bipartisan legislation to keep knives out of the aircraft cabin. Transportation security does not stop at the cockpit door.  Flight Attendants and passengers are not acceptable casualties in aviation security. Our country owes it to those we lost on 9/11 and all of us on the frontlines of aviation today – no knives, ever again.  Thank you.”

Respect the Lessons of our Past – No Knives

Rebecca-Marchand -CapitolRebecca Marchand, lost her husband, United Flight Attendant Alfred Marchand who was murdered on flight 175. This week Rebecca came to Washington DC for the first time in her life to spend the week talking with members of Congress and asking them to stop the TSA from allowing knives back on planes.  The least we can do is back her up, honor her husband’s memory and take a few minutes to call our representatives in Congress.

“The attacks in Boston prove once again that we can’t be selective in our vigilance. We must guard against all threats, big and small,” Marchand writes to TSA Administrator Pistole. “As the wife of a Flight Attendant killed on 9/11, and the mother of a Flight Attendant who flies today, I have earned the right to say this: Knives have NO place on an airplane.

Read more about Rebecca’s plea to TSA and Congress: http://bit.ly/17xhaG0